Feelin’ Good Again


Stage Set Up for the June Watkins Family Hour at Largo

The Watkins Family Hour has been doing an excellent job lately at drawing some compelling guests to play at their shows.  I was eager to attend their show at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, on June 13, 2017, after learning that my favorite singer Glen Phillips, as well as astute songwriter Langhorne Slim, and L.A. “SoCal country” favorite, Sam Outlaw, were on the bill.

We were advised to “let your laughs go” as comedian Tom Papa took the stage to kick off the evening. He was practicing for his performance on Conan (routine available at the link) for the following night.

And @tompapa opened up tonight! 6/13/17 @watkinsfamilyhour

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— Tom Papa

Thank you @watkinsfamilyhour! Another one for the books! 6/13/17

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— Sara and Sean Watkins

Moving on to the musical part of the evening, Sara and Sean Watkins welcomed everyone to Largo and the set progressed as follows:

  1. Never Call” — a Fiction Family song from Fiction Family Reunion
  2. Fiddle tune, which I failed to identify and they didn’t specify.
  3. Brother Wind” — Tim O’Brien cover, Sebastian Steinberg stepped on stage to join Sean and Sara. After the song, Sean was dealing with sound/guitar issues and the set list got torn in half.
  4. Wave as We Run” from Sean’s album All I Do is Lie. After the song there is banter between Sean and Sara about using the word introduce or announce for bringing out the first guest. Sean concluded, “Why don’t you use the word introduce and I’ll use the word announce.” He announced Glen Phillips, who remarked something like he prefers to be announced because it gives him a sense of importance. Glen stepped off to the side of the stage and Sean then properly announced Glen as he returned.
  5. Nobody’s Gonna Get Hurt” — one of Glen’s new, unrecorded songs. It was a treat to hear Sean playing electric guitar on this one.
  6. Baptistina” from Glen’s album Swallowed By the New. Glen gave quite a long introduction to this one, explaining the origin of the song (the Baptistina asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs), but that he later learned that scientists discovered it wasn’t the Baptistina asteroid after all (sorry Glen!). It remains a mystery where the asteroid came from; however, since “mysterious asteroid” doesn’t fit the song he’ll continue on singing “Baptistina.” Glen leaves the stage following the song.
  7. Steal Your Heart Away” — Lindsey Buckingham cover available on the Watkins Family Hour album. Singer Molly Jenson joined in on stage.
  8. Damaged” — a Fiction Family song from Fiction Family Reunion. Sean switched back to acoustic guitar. This song was performed by Sean, Sara, and Sebastian. After the song, Sam Outlaw was introduced.
  9. Look at Your Now” from Sam’s latest album Tenderheart, Molly Jenson returned to sing harmony.  Sam told the story of how an Uber driver rolled over the back of his foot that day! Glad he was okay and could make it to the show.
  10. Keep It Interesting” from Sam’s album Angeleno. He introduced this song by stating it was “about the importance of variety in a healthy relationship.” Sam and Molly exit the stage on finishing it.
  11. Lock and Key” from Sara’s album Sun Midnight Sun.  After this song, Sean goes off on a tangent about “Tom the Shoe Guy,” a regular member of the audience who drives up to the show from San Diego and comments about Sean’s shoes.
  12. For the Sender” — a song inspired by Alex Woodard’s project to write songs based on letters from fans. Sean wrote this tune based on a letter from Emily in Connecticut who would write an annual letter to her deceased spouse (the purpose of doing so being more for the sender). Molly was back on the stage to sing BGV with Sara on this one. Langhorne Slim was then introduced.
  13. Never Break” — Langhorne’s unrecorded song. He told the story that this was a song he wrote on November 9, 2016 and commented, “If there ever was a time for us to look each other in the eye and say I dig you brother, I love you sister, now is the time to do it.” He introduced the next song as being a “similar story with different words and chords.”
  14. Changes” — Langhorne Slim and the Law song from The Spirit Now. Langhorne exited the stage after this one.
  15. The Truth Won’t Set Us Free” — Sara’s song from her album Young in All the Wrong Ways. Sara sang, with Sean, Sebastian and Molly supporting.
  16. Bring It On Home to Me” — a Sam Cooke song sung by one last guest: dynamic singer, Sarah Dugas.
  17. One More Last Chance”  — a cover of a 1990s country classic by Vince Gill, with Sam, Sean, Sara, Sebastian and Molly all performing.
  18. ENCORE “Feelin’ Good Again” — cover of a Robert Earl Keen song, which was requested by a member of the audience.  I’ve used the title of the song for the title of the post, because I was definitely feelin’ good again after seeing this show. With all those talented songwriters in the show I would have been feeling great again if they would have continued on to The Little Room afterward, but it was not to be.

— Sara Watkins, Sebastian Steinberg and Glen Phillips

— Glen Phillips and Sean Watkins

Special guests @samoutlaw and @mollyjay performed at @watkinsfamilyhour 6/13/17

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— Sara Watkins, Sam Outlaw, and Molly Jenson

And @langhorneslim sang a couple too 6/13/17 @watkinsfamilyhour @sarawatkins

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— Sara Watkins and Langhorne Slim


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