Take Me Out of the City

Dawes Plays the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara

Having been lucky enough to see Dawes a handful of times in 2016, I was delighted to catch them early on in 2017 at the beautiful Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA on January 14. Oh yes, Dawes you have reached the status of being worth a two hour drive to attend one of your concerts. I also wanted to give a shout out to the restaurant my friend and I went to for dinner. It was within walking distance of the theater, was warm and cozy on a cool night, had delicious food and pretty darn good service for a busy Saturday night. Well done, Pascucci!

Dawes at Lobero Theatre: Trevor Menear on guitar, Taylor Goldsmith on guitar, Wylie Gelber on bass

As I’ve written about Dawes a few times previously for this blog, I’m just going to stick with sharing the set list, a few comments, and some photos from the show. Dawes recently released some live recordings from the first few concerts in their recent “An Evening with Dawes” tour. Where possible, I’ve linked to those live versions.

  1. One of Us” the lead song from their latest album, We’re All Gonna Die
  2. “If I Wanted Someone” from Nothing is Wrong
  3. Right On Time” from All Your Favorite Bands, kicked off with some lovely playing on the piano by Lee Pardini, which you can hear at the link

    Lee Pardini on Piano
  4.  “Picture of a Man” from We’re All Gonna Die, cool percussion prevalent on the live performance of this
  5. Now That It’s Too Late, Maria” from All Your Favorite Bands
  6. From a Window Seat” from Stories Don’t End, Taylor Goldsmith noted that the band played at the Lobero Theatre in 2013 and it was about half full. He thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to sell this place out?” That’s exactly what they did in 2017.
  7.  “When the Tequila Runs Out” from We’re All Gonna Die
  8.  “Somewhere Along the Way” from All Your Favorite Bands, this song got the crowd on their feet afterward
  9.  “A Little Bit of Everything” from Nothing is Wrong
  10. When My Time Comes” from North Hills, this song got the party started with the audience standing and singing and some people dancing.
  11.  “Less Than Five Miles Away” from We’re All Gonna Die, after this song the band took an intermission. Taylor came out first after the break and was soon joined by Griffin Goldsmith.

    Griffin Goldsmith, Taylor Goldsmith, and Lee Pardini of Dawes
  12.  “Something in Common” from Stories Don’t End, this was the beginning of a short acoustic session at the front of the stage
  13.  “How Far We’ve Come” from Nothing is Wrong, Lee joins Taylor and Griffin at the front of the stage.
  14. Take Me Out of the City” from North Hills, sung beautifully by Taylor and Griffin; I was feeling this one too, so I’m borrowing this song title for the name of the post.
  15.  “Quitter” from We’re All Gonna Die, introduced with the remark, “There’s a lot of things you can quit.” Back to full band on this song.
  16.  “Things Happen” from All Your Favorite Bands, played with a different lead in than what was on the album.
  17. Bear Witness” from Stories Don’t End
  18. Time Spent in Los Angeles” from Nothing is Wrong, just a chorus and a verse for this one and they played straight into the next song.
  19.  “Most People” from Stories Don’t End
  20.  “Roll With the Punches” from We’re All Gonna Die
  21.  “From the Right Angle” from Stories Don’t End
  22.  “We’re All Gonna Die” from We’re All Gonna Die, prefaced with lines such as, “You can quit smokin’, and you’re still gonna die… get real healthy and you’re still gonna die…” before they broke into the song. They recorded the intro and it is available on the live release as “Still Gonna Die.”
  23. ENCORE “Fire Away” from Nothing is Wrong
  24. All Your Favorite Bands” from All Your Favorite Bands
Fantastic Songwriter, Singer, and Guitarist: Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes