You’ll Be Back


Largo Stage Set for Paul F. Tompkins Hogs the Covers

I was looking for something to do on a Saturday night (December 3, 2016) and at the same time was hankering for an evening at Largo, when some tickets became available for the previously sold out performance of Paul F. Tompkins Hogs the Covers.  I snapped one up quickly and headed out the door to my favorite venue in L.A. The stage that night was packed with more musicians than I’d ever seen on there at one time, including a horn section.  The Largo stage was spruced up for Christmas and the anticipatory atmosphere was invigorating. Paul had organized an entertaining show with some cool guests and covers of songs that ranged from poignant to amusing, popular tunes and songs from musicals. The band was led by Eban Schletter. The set was performed as follows:

  1. (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding”  cover of Brinsley Schwarz’s song popularized by Elvis Costello.
  2.  “No Children” Mountain Goats cover. Paul welcomed Aimee Mann to the stage to help him with this duet.
  3.  “Emperor’s New Clothes” Sinead O’Connor cover and then directly into the chorus of “For What It’s Worth,” originally by Buffalo Springfield. Paul had prefaced this by saying it was dedicated to 2016.
  4.  “Unworthy of Your Love” from the musical Assassins. Paul performed this duet with Rachel Bloom.
  5.  “The Rocky Road to Dublin” an Irish folk song. Ted Leo joined Paul for this one.
  6.  “Skyfall” Adele cover
  7.  “That’s Not My Name” The Ting Tings cover. Open Mike Eagle with the assist.
  8.  “You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton, sung through a megaphone. I’m using this song title for the post title, because I keep going back to Largo.
  9. Over at the Frankenstein Place” from Rocky Horror Picture Show, with Maria Thayer.
  10.  “Five Years” David Bowie cover
  11.  “After the Gold Rush” Neil Young cover
  12.  “Somebody to Love” Queen cover
  13.  A song from Adding Machine, the Musical

Largo Stage with Christmas Decorations


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