I’ve Been Having Me a Real Fun Time

On Tuesday, August 9th I was back at the Greek Theatre, this time to see Dawes and Alabama Shakes. I’m afraid this post is not going to have as much attention to detail as I would like to have, but I wanted to include that I attended this show and have a record of the set lists here. I was seated up in the right terrace, so I didn’t take very many photos of this show. Plus, once Alabama Shakes got going, people were standing up in front of me and dancing, obstructing my view for photos.


Dawes Performing at the Greek Theatre

Dawes opened, with Taylor remarking after the first song, “Hello Greek Theatre! Thanks for coming early.” I’m not sure if Taylor was being sincere or sarcastic because there were still a lot of seats open for this sold out show. It was a pretty good set of songs and nice to see they played at least one from each of their four albums. I’m not sure about closing with “From a Right Angle.” I would have liked to have heard one more song after that one. I guess they had their time limit though. It seems a shame to have such a stellar band play such a short set, especially as people were still arriving as they were finishing. Glad to see Duane Betts joining them on guitar for the tour again. Here is set list for Dawes:

  1. I Can’t Think About It Now” from All Your Favorite Bands
  2. Things Happen” from All Your Favorite Bands
  3. If I Wanted Someone” from Nothing is Wrong
  4. When My Time Comes” from North Hills
  5. Most People” from Stories Don’t End
  6. When the Tequila Runs Out” a new song from forthcoming album We’re All Gonna Die (to be released on September 16)
  7. All Your Favorite Bands” from All Your Favorite Bands
  8. From the Right Angle” from Stories Don’t End

Alabama Shakes Performing at the Greek Theatre

I’ll be honest that I mainly went to this show to see Dawes. This was my first time seeing Alabama Shakes. I purchased the album Sound & Color and listened to it a few times before the show but had a hard time getting into it. I love that the band explores different styles — one number is soul, one is rock on the heavy side, another is blues, etc.  I am a big fan of listening to whole albums, but listening to Sound & Color  — it would keep slipping out of the range of music I was in the mood to listen to at the time, so it was difficult for me to find a foothold on this album. Nevertheless, given the Grammy Awards the band has been nominated for/won, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I was pretty impressed with their live show. Brittany Howard is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Wow! What a talented woman! Every note she sang was perfection and every word had passion and intensity behind it, even when she was singing softly. She was a fierce and fearless guitar player too. Brittany started out the show by saying to the audience, “You gonna give me something, then I’m gonna give you something, then you gonna give me something back. And we’re gonna do that all night long.” This was received with much applause and cheers from the crowd, which showed much enthusiasm throughout the concert. Alabama Shakes played the following songs in their set:

  1. Future People” from Sound & Color
  2. Dunes” from Sound & Color
  3. Hang Loose” from Boys & Girls
  4. Rise to the Sun” from Boys & Girls, lots of cheering after this one to which Britney responded, “I love you too.” This was one of the highlights for me from their set.
  5. Guess Who” from Sound & Color
  6. Heartbreaker” from Boys & Girls, very powerful performance on this one, so much emotion conveyed in the vocals, another highlight
  7. Boys & Girls“from Boys & Girls
  8. Miss You” from Sound & Color
  9. The Greatest” from Sound & Color
  10. I Ain’t the Same” from Boys & Girls
  11. Always Alright” from Boys & Girls
  12. Hold On” from Boys & Girls
  13. Joe” unreleased song
  14. This Feeling” from Sound & Color, borrowed an appropriate lyric from this song for the post title
  15. Sound & Color” from Sound & Color
  16. Don’t Wanna Fight” from Sound & Color
  17. Gimme All Your Love” from Sound & Color, I loved this one too.
  18. ENCORE: “Gemini” from Sound & Color
  19. Over My Head” from Sound & Color
  20. You Ain’t Alone” from Boys & Girls




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