And Just Be Who You Are

On Saturday night I headed to Amplyfi in Hollywood, CA to see my friend Kapali Long play a short set. This is a small, all ages venue with platinum records and music-themed posters on the walls, band stickers plastered all over an inner door, and an eclectic choice of chairs to sit on. This would be an ideal space for budding artists to play or perhaps for an intimate secret show.

Artwork at Amplyfi

Kapali performed with his usual level of passion and obvious love for music. He started the show with his sweet song, “Double Tall Non-Fat Latte,” a story of love at first sight.  One of my favorite songs by Kapali is a new one called “A Little Bit” (check out the lyric video via the link). This tune should be playing nationally on the radio. It has such a good chorus and broad musical appeal; I can also easily imagine it with a full band treatment. Today’s post title was taken from the song lyrics. Kapali covered Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”, which he makes his own with his Hawaiian Islands rhythm on the guitar.  I was able to request one of his songs and have Kapali dedicate it to me — here is the live performance from that night of “What’s It Gonna Be.”

Kapali Long at Amplyfi

In the next few months, besides California, Kapali will be spending some time in Hawaii and New York. He will be in Texas in March during SXSW. Check him out if he is playing near you. He always brings positive energy and much Aloha to each of his shows. You can also buy a few of his singles, including “A Little Bit”, on iTunes.


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