This is a blog for music fans, by a music fan. Its main focus is to recap concerts that I have attended to help me better remember them, share them with friends and fans, and to perhaps spark others’ interests in the music I adore. I try to include YouTube or other links to songs that I mention in my posts so readers can hear versions of the songs themselves.

I love seeing live music as the experience allows me to reach a transcendent level of happiness. I’m interested in all sorts of music, but particularly singer-songwriters, alternative rock, indie, rock, bluegrass, Americana, and folk. I’ve also been known to listen to traditional jazz, swing, Britpop, and musicals. Some of my favorite musicians/bands are: The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Glen Phillips, Old 97s, Rhett Miller, The Milk Carton Kids, Queen, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Watkins Family Hour, Nickel Creek, Punch Brothers, Chris Thile, Jon Brion, just about anyone that plays at Largo, Beta Play, Jason Mraz, and OK Go. There are also plenty other artists that I like a whole lot or where I might like one specific album but not be familiar with their oeuvre  (e.g., Death Cab For Cutie, Paul Simon, Big Star, Blur), and there are quite a few that I am just getting into (e.g., Dawes, The Lone Bellow, David Bowie — how did I miss him earlier?), but this list is already long enough! I hope you enjoy what you find here and maybe find some new music too.


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